Welcome to the Coding Workshop Short Course!
In this course, you’ll be to basic programming techniques. This course will review HTML/CSS and JavaScript and students will develop an interactive Web application.

The purpose of this course is to introduce programming concepts in a communications context. In addition to gaining production skills, students will learn about features of the digital communication environment and develop an appreciation for the future of communication technology.

Upon completion of this course, students will possess:

  • an understanding of the basics of computer programming.
  • the ability to create a simple interactive Web application.

Teaching Methods
This class uses a variety of teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles, including online modules and in-person workshop. The TRACS site provides a variety of resources for reinforcement of learning, including downloadable handouts and video tutorials. Students will also participate in online discussions that will further provide an opportunity to communicate and contribute. This site will contain most of the readings and materials, but will also be the place for our final blog posts.