Coding has become a new interest of mine since I first learned about it in my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media class. The coding workshop was quite an adventure. It allowed me to wander into a world of technology and designing that I first embarked on in the FDOM class.  I really enjoyed learning some of the basic coding skills that we went over in this class. I feel like I learned a lot about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in such a short amount of time. This short course opened my mind with the variety of things you can make with coding.

In the coding workshop, we learned the basics of HTML and CSS coding. Then we took the basics we learned and created an interactive quiz. We used HTML to set up the basic outline of the quiz and the questions. Then we used CSS coding to design the quiz and make the display look visibly pleasing. Here is some of the HTML and CSS coding we did throughout the workshop:

coding workshop1 coding workshop2

Once the quiz was constructed with HTML and CSS we added JavaScript in order to formulate quiz grades and make it interactive. Below is a picture of the final product of the quiz we created:

This quiz used JavaScript not only to show the grade a person receives after taking it, but it also displays funny pictures when you get a certain score. I thought that was pretty cool. I found this coding workshop to be really helpful and quite fascinating. I learned new information about coding in this class that will help in my future coding development.

Coding Workshop Experience – Natasha Thomas

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