Was actually really insightful. I already had some knowledge in coding with being in Web Design and Publishing this semester and FDOM last semester, as well as some experience with tumblr formatting. I didn’t know much about Javascript, but through this workshop I learned the basics of it so I can have a foundation to learn off of.

Cindy Royal knows what she’s talking about. She was very helpful, and so were the online lessons. I really liked the YouTube tutorials, showing each step just in case something didn’t work you could go back and see how it was supposed to be to work.

Below is the process of making an online quiz for the workshop. First, we learned the Javascript coding and where to put it. Second, we put all the code together using Text Wrangler. Third, we had it up and working on a web page. Ta-Da!




It’s so crazy how putting different codes into a certain order can make a website. A responsive, interactive, and good-looking website. I think everyone needs a little knowledge in coding and the like, it’s more prevalent today than it’s been before. If you have experience with coding language and different computer programs then you’ll have a much better chance in the job market.

I’m glad I took this course. I feel much more comfortable with coding and more comfortable to go on with more advanced coding opportunities.

Coding Workshop in my opinion….

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