Attention: You must have patience when coding.

What did you find most interesting?

I had such a fun time learning about coding during the workshop. Before going into it I was a little nervous because watching the videos of professor Royal online looked a little hard. I knew that once you get the hang of it you will be better, but starting off I was a little intimidated. Whenever we all went through each step I thought it was so cool how easy it was! You can make anything you want whether it is your own website, a quiz, a form, etc. I did not realize how easy it was and how fast it is so create these things with coding.

What do you see as the potential for learning how to code in the communication fields?

Technology is definitely becoming (already is) a communication tool. I think that there is a lot of potential for learning how to code in the communication fields. This is just the start of it for us mass communication students to be able to do this in our major and I love it. It is exciting to think how far this can go and advanced it can be. I am very glad that I was able to take this short course and learn as much as I did (a lot) in such a short period of time.

What do you plan to do with this knowledge in the future? 

This class definitely made me excited for the future with coding. I am so happy I am able to add this to my resume for internships and jobs. I have always wanted to learn the basics of coding and that is what I got out of this. I can help my future coworkers and companies that I will work with, with any coding needs or if there are questions about something I can be that person to help. A lot of people do not know coding in the advertising world and I can definitely stand out in that way.

Professor Royal showed us some AWESOME interactive websites that I have never seen before and I really enjoyed reading all of them. It is hard to pick one to be my favorite so I will go through a few of them.

There is an interactive website for people who want to know if it is better to rent or buy a house. You can click on the different settings of how much you want to pay for mortgage, how long you plan to stay, and so many more things you can gauge yourself. This article is from the New York Times and it is really different in a good way because everyone is different. You set the interactive bars/gauges for what you want and it will have your result at the end.

Here is the article:

The other article that I loved was for college students. The Texas Tribune has made a huge database full of all the schools and colleges you want to learn about. You can compare and see which college is for you, how much it will cost, how to get accepted, and so much more. It is such a useful tool for students in high school that are about to graduate and go to college or even college students who want to transfer to another college. You can see which is the best fit for you all on one site! I really wish I knew of this site when I was in high school because it would have made my life a lot less stressful going to all these different college websites. This website can show it all to you and you don’t have to google every college you’re thinking about! 🙂

Here is the link:

coding2 coding3 coding4 coding1

(Sorry for the blurry-ness! My pictures kept blurring whenever I tried taking them with my phone)

Sandy Nuzum–Digital Coding

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