I decided to take the brief and quick Coding Workshop offered at Texas State University taught by Cindy Royal, because I wanted to be able to add coding skills to my resume. It was a whirlwind! I enjoyed the in-person workshop on Saturday much better than the blog posts and videos during the week. Even though Cindy Royal breaks it down in a simple way for students, it was still difficult for me to swallow all the information. It was much easier to get introduced to HTML, CSS and Javascript when someone was helping me walk through it step by step. Being able to see exactly what she was doing on the projector screen, helped me troubleshoot where I had been going wrong on my own personal coding.

The biggest take away I learned from the whole experience is to relax and slow down. Coding is about persistence and perfection. If you mess up one bracket, your entire code will not work. It made me be diligent and precise in my application of the code. It was nice hearing Cindy Royal’s encouraging words, as she would come around and assist with all of our codes.

I really enjoyed that Cindy Royal worked hard to instill in us the idea of a system. You’re following a code, so instead of just copying verbatim what she had on the board, she instructed about the why behind coding. Like for example, an open bracket always needs a closed bracket.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get a few skills under your belt. You even get to make an interactive quiz! I felt so proud and excited when my quiz finally worked.

I hope to take another course from Cindy Royal in the future. Below you will find some examples of all my hard work!

IMG_6943      IMG_6944    IMG_6945

The Quickest, but Best Coding Experience- Kelli Bechtol

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